Buying Weed Online in Ontario

Buying Weed Online in Ontario

The legalization of cannabis/weed in Ontario has made it much for accessible and safer for all users. The AGCO recently announced that they planned to authorize 30 retails stores each week, which would translate to approximately 120 stores per month. This means that due to privatization weed users across Ontario would have 120 more options per month to choose from when buying their cannabis. Weed users who choose to patron legal cannabis stores have two options and in some cases three when purchasing weed. These options are to visit a local cannabis store, making your selection with the assistance of a budtender and paying for your purchase, place your order online and pick up in store or order online and have it delivered. Buying weed online in Ontario particularly with the presence of Covid-19 has provided a quick and easy option for weed users. Here is a step buy step guide for newbies.

Step 1

The first thing you need to do when buying weed online is find a vendor. Although there are hundreds of legal cannabis retailers across Ontario, there are still also a significant number of black-market vendors as well. When looking for a legal online cannabis retailer look for these key markers:
1. Ontario seal (On store-front)
2. They will say they are legal
3. Listed on the AGCO as a licenced Ontario cannabis retailer
4. Cannabis comes in regulated containers with federal government seal
You also want to make sure you purchase from a store that meets your price point and offers good quality weed. Although all legal cannabis retailers buy their cannabis from the OCS, they are entirely in control over what they charge customers. So, you may actually find two different stores in your neighbourhood, selling the same weed with the same quality but at different price points. Other things you want to consider when looking for a retailer to buy weed online, is convenience. Buying weed online is already convenient but if you have to drive 50km to get to it then it takes away from the convenience factor. Instead try to find a shop that is close to you either walking distance or a short drive away. Finally, when deciding where to buy your weed online, you will also want to consider customer service. As mentioned, buying weed online provides the ultimate level of convenience, that is why you want to make sure that your order will actually be ready in a timely manner from wherever you are getting it. It also would not be your best experience to buy from a shop that notoriously packages your order incorrectly, never has your order ready when you arrive, or has a disorganized system for pickup orders. So, choose wisely!

Step 2

Now that you have chosen a store to buy your weed online, it is time to figure out what it is that you want to buy. The legalization of cannabis in Ontario has opened the product floodgates for users with each retailer having access to hundreds of products of all kinds, from dry flowers to edibles and everything in between. Because there is such a large selection to choose from, buying weed online can be intimidating from a variety standpoint but what is great about it is that you can take your time if you need to, deciding from the comfort of your home. The great thing about buying weed online is that you don’t have to worry about feeling the pressure to choose something in a timely manner. It essentially gives you all the time in the world to decide. If you need to take your time doing your research to figure out what brands are the best or what strains are more compatible with your needs, then buying weed online allows you to do that. If you’re on a budget and your cart is too full, buying online gives you the chance to leave and come back to it when you’re sure that you want to make your purchase. Aside from the obvious convenience factor and spending within your means there are other factors that you want to consider when deciding what weed to buy online. Think about the effects. Different strains of cannabis have different effects. These effects are dependant on the amount of THC and CBD present in the weed, whether it’s Sativa or Indica as well as the terpenes. All of these factors combined give you a certain type of feeling or high ranging from calming and ready for bed, to energetic and feeling creative. When buying your cannabis, think about what effects you are looking for and how you plan to use your stash!

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Step 3

Now that you’ve decided what you want to buy, and your e-cart is filled the final steps are to place your order and pick it up. There are some key things to ensure are in order when buying weed online. Firstly, you must be of legal age to purchase in your province or state. In Ontario, the legal age to both sell and purchase cannabis is 19. This means that a licenced legal cannabis retailer will not sell you cannabis whether purchased online or in store if you are not of legal age. Secondly, valid photo ID is required. Identification is not asked of you when you place your order online, but you will be required to present a valid photo ID upon arrival to pick up your order. Unlike the LCBO where you may not be asked for ID if you look over the age of 25, at licenced retail cannabis stores, identification showing proof of age is required every single time you enter the store. An additional layer to providing valid ID is that the name provided on your online order must match the name on your ID. The reason for this is to prevent orders from being placed by minors and subsequently being picked up by someone of legal age to buy weed in Ontario. So, once you have sorted out your identification and payment method, it is time to head to the store and pick up your order!