6 hours ago

Budtenders are an important part of the client experience. From the moment a client enters the store they should feel welcome. An ideal Budtender does not wait for the client to approach them but instead takes the initiative to greet each guest and offer assistance. The best candidate for this position is friendly, approachable, has strong communication skills, is knowledgeable about the products and able to adapt well to working other positions within the store.

Inventory Handlers

24 hours ago

Inventory handlers are the engine that keeps the store running. Though invisible to the client the inventory has the critical job of accurately picking each product requested and delivering it to the front of the house for purchase. This individual is also responsible for keeping track of inventory and ensuring that any deviation from expected stock numbers or products received are documented and reported to the Inventory Manager. The ideal candidate for this position is trustworthy,

Herb Specialist

6 days ago

The Herb Specialist is key to providing the ultimate guest experience. This employee is not only knowledgeable about cannabis but exceptionally well versed on the different types and strains of cannabis as well as their effects and how clients can get all that they desire to experience oui of the products they purchase. From Novice to the most experienced users our Herbal Specialists need to be able to create and provide an individualized experience based on each unique client they

Key Holder

1 week ago

The Key Holder is an important and diverse role within the store. Responsible for assisting the store manager on meeting store objectives and helping to provide ways to increase revenue and customer loyalty. The ideal candidate is able to navigate between all roles within the store, is responsible, reliable and possesses strong leadership skills.