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Cannabis Dispensary Wexford, Ontario

cannabis dispensary in wexford ontarioHidden Leaf Cannabis Co. dispensary in Brampton, Ontario is located at 1 Wexford Rd. Unit 4 On Main St just north of Bovaird. We are happy to be a part of the Brampton North community and take pride in doing our part to eliminate the stigmas associated with cannabis while educating our customers and providing quality bud. Every time you enter our Brampton location you can expect to immediately be greeted by one of our awesome budtenders who are more than happy to help to guide you through your buying process. We are proud to have a team that is dedicated to making each herbalist’s experience a great one and welcome herbalists from the Brampton, Caledon, and Mississauga are to swing by anytime!

Having knowledgeable budtenders at the forefront of customer interactions is crucial to the customer experience and your experience from the moment you enter our cannabis dispensary in Wexford Ontario, matters to us. We understand that marijuana use is not just about getting high. It’s a culture. It’s a lifestyle. We focus on making sure that our budtenders are knowledgeable so that they can provide you an experience while guiding you to the products that best fit your needs and wants. Our budtenders are there to use their knowledge to educate our customers so that they can make well-informed choices about how and what they consume.

cannabis dispensary in wexford ontarioAt Hidden Leaf Cannabis Co. marijuana dispensary in Brampton, you’ll find your bud broken down into three main categories- Premium, Vintage, and Value. Our Premium category contains our top-shelf product. In this section, we have listed craft products, high THC, and of course high terpene profile bud. Our Vintage category was made especially with our OG Herbalists in mind. In this section, you can find names that you know and love like OG Kush, White Rhino, and AK-47. Last, but not least, we have our value section. This particular category is one that we took a little extra time with because for us value shouldn’t mean sacrificing good quality weed in the dispensary at Wexford. All of the bud in this section are priced with the budget-conscious user in mind while still offering a great smoke for the price point.

cannabis dispensary in wexford ontarioThe quality of the product we deliver to you also matters to us. Our product comes to us pre-weighed and packaged which means we don’t have control over what goes into the container, but we do have control over doing research on the products we choose to offer to you. Whether you make a purchase from our premium category or our value category, we are confident you will not be disappointed with the options you’re given. We understand that different types of packaging can affect the moisture content of the flower. To go a step further in maintaining the integrity of our product we have our product consistently stored at just the right temperature.

We don’t call ourselves “Your Neighbourhood’s best-kept Secret” for no reason!

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1 Wexford Rd. Unit 4
Brampton, ON
L6Z 2W1


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Monday - Sunday / 9AM - 11PM

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