Bhang – THC Candy Cane White Chocolate – Blend – 1x10g


Bhang® THC Candy Cane White Chocolate blends gourmet chocolate with crushed candy cane. This bar contains 10 mg of THC and is scored into four pieces.

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Product Information

Bhang® THC Candy Cane White Chocolate is the perfect pairing of gourmet white chocolate and THC, scored into four pieces perfect for sharing. Indulge in the cannabis-free flavour of white chocolate, crushed candy cane and 10 mg THC per bar. Bhang® didn’t create cannabis chocolate, they just perfected it. Bhang chocolate is made with eco-consciously sourced cacao using chocolate produced by a European-trained chocolatier. All our products have a chocolate-first, cannabis-free flavour.

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