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The Benefits of Buying Weed Online

The federal legalization of Cannabis has made it easier for Canadians who use cannabis to purchase hassle-free. In the early stages of legalization, Cannabis users only had access to purchasing cannabis through government regulated websites such as the Ontario Cannabis Store(OCS). However, with the privatization of cannabis retail in Ontario, users can now have more control over what retailer they purchase their product from. In addition to walking into a store, cannabis users now have the ability to leisurely browse through product from the comfort of their home.  Although in-person shopping is still the preferred way to purchase Cannabis, buying cannabis online is a popular option and also has its benefits. The main benefits of buying weed online are that it is convenient, increases efficiency for retail stores during Covid, and it provides a judgment free option for novice users and those still concerned with the stigmas attached to cannabis use. Let’s discuss these further.


Online Cannabis Stores in Ontario make it much more convenient for users to access cannabis. Gone are the days of meeting a street dealer in a sketchy area of the city to purchase what often times is mediocre bud. Instead, users can now purchase quality bud from the comfort of their own homes or where they may be and have it delivered directly to their door. Unfortunately, the option to have cannabis mailed directly to your home is only available when purchasing through the Ontario Cannabis Store, but fortunately for private retailers this is not a popular option for the majority of cannabis users who appreciate the convenience of ordering their bud online but would prefer to pick it up ASAP so they can enjoy their product as soon as possible.

Online cannabis stores are also convenient when it comes to the normal hustle and bustle of life. E-commerce has become increasingly popular for a number of industries especially grocery stores. How great is it to be able to purchase all of your groceries from home, taking your time and ensuring you don’t miss anything, then showing up at the store, skipping the long lines grabbing your groceries and heading home in a matter of minutes? Well, the same can be said for online cannabis stores in Ontario. Purchasing your product online allows you to plan your purchase ahead of time so you can make your way over to your favourite dispensary right after work, or right before you head up to the cottage for the long weekend. The best part is, when you arrive to the store your bud will be ready and waiting for you to enjoy, no hassle, usually no lines and little to no wait time. At Hidden Leaf Cannabis Co our goal is to make your instore and online cannabis experience as seamless and pleasant as possible!


The impact of Covid-19 and subsequent lockdowns has been seen across the world. Retail stores and the beauty services industry have been some of the hardest hit by closures for weeks sometimes even months at a time and restrictions on the number of patrons allowed in-store at any given time. When it comes to cannabis retailers in Ontario, e-commerce has helped to absorb some of the impacts that not being able to have customers in-store has caused. By providing their customers the option to buy product via their online cannabis store Ontario cannabis retailers have the opportunity to maintain operations and keep their doors open. Additionally, buying online helps retailers more effectively manage the number of patrons they have in the store at any given time. E-commerce platforms also provide multiple functions for store owners to choose from that maximize efficiency and therefore better customer service. One such function is setting up their ordering system to schedule online pickup orders using timeslots. This function is phenomenal for helping to control the number of orders that can be placed during a specific window which in turn provides a strategic system for budtenders to work within so that all orders get filled efficiently. The use of this function also means that store owners have some level of control over how many individuals show-up to the store in each window. As mentioned, due to Covid-19 restrictions, retailers have limits on how many patrons can be in their store at once. Encouraging customers to use their online cannabis store helps to reduce to amount of people that will need to come into the store as online customers can be assisted curbside. Therefore, instore traffic is more controlled, and more space is available for patrons who need to come in-store.

Judgement-free Zone

According to one study approximately 40% of individuals that visit legal cannabis stores are new users. Those who have been to a legal cannabis retail store can attest to the fact that the selection of product is massive and if you are new to buying cannabis it can be quite daunting. For some new users, having such a large selection to choose from, and not knowing where to start can be quite intimidating and although budtenders are present to help, nobody likes to look like they do not know what they are doing. This is where online cannabis stores can help. Novice users are able to leisurely shop from the comfort of their home, free from judgement. Using their local cannabis retailers online store enables new users to scroll through products at their own pace and they can even research products while they browse. As previously mentioned, the selection of cannabis available to consumers is very large, offering everything from beverages, to drive flowers and extracts. For new users, this can make the decision process regarding what to buy very difficult, being able to research products while purchasing online from home can actually help to make the first buying experience a little more please and also prepare new users for buying in store as they will have a better idea of what they want to buy or what they are looking for. For those still concerned about being associated with the stigmas attached to cannabis use, purchasing cannabis online provides a safe space to do so. It also helps those who would still like to  keep their cannabis use as private as possible,  by allowing them to order online and simply head to the store for a quick visit just to pickup said order.

Ultimately whether you choose to buy online or enter the store, buying cannabis has become a much easier process thanks to legalization. Shopping in-store gives you access to budtenders who can guide you through your buying experience, giving you product recommendations based on your needs. On the other hand, online cannabis stores offer a judgement-free alternative where you can take your time skimming through products and familiarizing yourself with the options and their effects. However you choose to make your purchase Hidden Leaf Cannabis Co is here for all of your Cannabis needs. Rest assured you will always have access to a well curated variety of products at your disposal!

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