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Hidden Leaf Cannabis offers a large selection of cannabis flower at our North York, ON dispensary. We carefully curate particular strains and wisely procure cultivars from licensed growers in Ontario. We take effort in selecting uncommon and exciting strains that might not be seen elsewhere.

We only serve people above the age of 19. Whatever your intended usage, we have the best cannabis flower selection in North York to provide you with a satisfying experience. Our budtenders are here to help with selecting the best choice of flower for you! In addition, we offer free delivery and a large number of our customers have given many of the products we recommend positive feedback, so you can shop with confidence. Contact us or shop here today!

What is a Cannabis Flower ?

The smokable, trichome-enriched portion of a cannabis plant is referred to as “flower.” Due to its adaptability and ways of use, flower is the most widely used form of cannabis consumption. It can be smoked using a pipe, bowl, bong, or rolled into a joint or blunt. It can also be used in cooking for an infused experience.

All of the cannabinoids are present in the marijuana plant’s flower (or bud). It is typically ground up and smoked. The ‘bloom’ stage, which typically lasts 6 to 8 weeks, is the only time that female plants produce flowers.

Cannabis flower comes in several strains that each provide a particular set of advantages, making it perfect for both recreational and medical use. Our staff at Hidden Leaf Cannabis is dedicated to providing the best cannabis flower in North York.

What Types of Cannabis Flower Can You Find in North York, ON?

There are 3 primary varieties of cannabis flowers that people can consume for recreational and therapeutic purposes. They include Sativa, Indica, and Hybrids, all of which have varied effects and suit various requirements. The various cannabis flower varieties and what to anticipate from each are listed below:

In comparison to other strains, most users find that the Sativa variety typically has a more cerebral effect. They also find that sativa cannabis stimulates the brain, making you more alert and communicative than usual.

Most users find that Indica dominant cannabis produces a more tranquil, calm feeling. Some people remember Indica as “in-da-couch” as it sometimes produces a more body heavy experience.

Hybrid strains are useful when a person wants to feel just the right amount of energy and completely relaxed. Hybrid cannabis strains are the best option for people who want to have a mixed effect.

How Cannabis Flower Works

The most common ways to consume cannabis flower are via smoking or vaporizing it. You can consume it in a variety of ways, including with a joint, pipe, bong, bubbler, or vaporizer, among others. When you inhale cannabis flower, you should anticipate experiencing an immediate effect. The main effects will come in after 30 to 60 minutes and then gradually fade over time.

The user, the cannabis strain, and the quantity smoked all have an impact on the exact outcome. As everyone has a varied level of tolerance, various users will need different dosages. To prevent wilting, it is advised that you store the flowers in an airtight container like a glass jar before using them.

Hidden Leaf Provides The Best Weed Flower In North York, ON

Sour Kush

Divvy’s Sour Kush is super smelly. Potent and high in terpenes, it’s an assertive flower with a terrifically tart and ultra-pungent aroma. Dense nugs are peppered with orange pistils and coated in sparkling trichomes that hit the nose with a combination of sour lemon and invigorating pine. Its powerful flavour profile is just as tangy, balanced with hints of earth, wood and diesel.

Pink Kush

Pure Sunfarms’ cut of Pink Kush from BC’s Vancouver Island is a coastal relative of the legendary OG Kush. This special strain is beloved across Canada for its strong aromas, colourful flowers, and high THC potential. Beneath a thick coating of trichomes, the dense and round buds feature forest green leaves, often with a purple hue, mixed with dark amber pistils. Pink Kush showcases gassy aromas of white pepper, orange, butterscotch, coffee, earth, and grapefruit, the result of a rich combination of terpenes that includes caryophyllene, myrcene, humulene, bisabolol, and limonene.

Black Widow CBD

Black Widow CBD is a surprisingly colourful flower. With lots of terpenes in the CBD and THC mix, this flower offers an entire entourage of cannabinoids along with full-bodied flavour. Spicy, woodsy and a little nutty to taste, it’s an indica-dominant hybrid known to produce tightly packed, trichome-coated buds that emit a lush forest fragrance with subtle hints of honey and delicate florals.


Quite dense flower of pale green color with a slight orange hue. This variety has a strong smell when grinding. ZXFPOG and its cerebral effect will clear your mind when stressed and can create a drowsiness effect when consumed in the evening. Its fruity and lemony flavor recalls the taste of berries.

Wes' Coast Kush

MTL’s WES` COAST KUSH is the result of a cross between OG Kush and a mixture of hybrid strains making it indica dominant. This beautiful flower is a hazy light green colour with purple undertones in it’s nuts and is covered in a layer of frosty, white crystal trichomes. Reminiscent of the OG strains, the smoke is packed with a sweet, earthy and spice like taste that finally culminates in a dieselish after taste.

Wedding Cake

One of the most popular strains of recent years, Wedding Cake offering is grown from a phenotype that made its way to eastern Canada from California. This phenotype offers a truly wonderful expression of the personality found in this cultivar.

We Are North York’s Favorite Cannabis Retailer

The cannabis flower selection from Hidden Leaf Cannabis is renowned for its exquisite hues, dazzling crystals, and intricate smells and scents. These top-tier works of nature are a direct result of our outstanding plant genetics and total commitment to excellence. Sativa and Indica types of marijuana are the most often used in Ontario. Several hybrids from these 2 strains are featured in our online menu. The selection of marijuana flowers on offer at Hidden Leaf Cannabis does vary slightly to feature products which are more popular in certain areas, or which are locally grown.

At Hidden Leaf Cannabis, we recognize people are wonderfully unique, as are their cannabis needs. In pursuit of wellness, our Hidden Leaf budtenders cater to the individual, asking questions, listening attentively, and offering thoughtful recommendations. Our weed dispensary in North York is designed for comfort and care, as cannabis shopping should be easy and enjoyable. Whether medical or adult-use, our focus will always be the wellness and satisfaction of our customers.

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